Kaunas Castle

Kaunas Castle

Situated close to the primary avenue in Kaunas named Independence method, the Kaunas Adventure is simple to locate and equally  – helpful and fascinating to visit. Today it’s the primary vacation info centre in Kaunas, although this medieval building used-to function for defensive reasons very long time before.

Archeologists claim though there’s no any published info confirming these details that Kaunas Fort was built-in the 14th-century. Half of a hectare was filled by it subsequently and was well known like a fortress that was quite strong. Elevated on the really proper location where is a confluence of Nemunas rivers that links 2 greatest Lithuanian towns Kaunas and – Vilnius, sieges were frequently confronted by Kaunas Fort by purchases. In 1362 Teutonic purchase ruined the fortress, but Lithuanians created a one. The brand new fortress was fenced with 3 and surfaces of 12 yards peak. Systems were involved by all 4corners of the fortress.

About the second-half of the 16th-century Kaunas Fort was increased again as within the inside lawn a gallery is installed for guns, who currently employed gunpowder systems, constructed. Therefore the fortress turned a home of dukes  But the moment these systems were created, the fortress dropped its` defensive significance as heavy and actually large surfaces couldn’t avoid causes of surge. In 1549 the Kaunas Fort was handed to renowned Lithuanian noblewoman Barbora Radvilaitė who beautifully changed it. In 17th century’s end seas of Neris river ruined some areas of the fortress. Despite the fact that, Sweden and European armies within the century employed for military reasons Kaunas Fort. Which was the final period when battle was offered for by Kaunas Fort. It had been the final period when Kaunas Castle was ruined while Napoleon military joined Lithuania. The castle’s south-eastern structure suited and was repaired to use the Fantastic War memorial which today isn’t situated in the fortress anymore whilst the exposition was delivered within the decade towards the Battle memorial.

Today the Kaunas Adventure is definitely an architectural monument of Nationwide significance. It’s the earliest rock fortress in Lithuania. You can find frequently numerous transferable displays organized though there’s no any displays situated in the fortress. To be able to get familiar with Kaunas history  During the summer months visitors are welcome to go to the structure of the fortress and catacombs. As a vacation info centre is also proven, it offers individuals with all data concerning actions and travelling in Kaunas area. Individuals below may also purchase guide accommodations, unique gifts, activities or transport.

The Kaunas Castle is just a well-preserved historical monument informing folks that are today concerning the spatial framework built-in Lithuanian area. Visiting with its damages found on a charming slope on water area is of must-visit view in Kaunas truly one.